MieBackground: Noodlesare usually made from wheat flour that still have tobe imported. To overcome these problems can utilize one of the local food that can be processed in to corn maize flour which is one of the ingredients in the manufacture of noodles. Corn noodle is a noodle product made ​​from100% corn flour or wheat flour substitution with up to 35%. To improve the nutritional protein of corn noodles added fluor of green beans.

Objective:To assess the organoleptic properties of the color, smell, taste and texture ofthe green beans corn noodles

Methods: Desain of this study used a Completely Randomized Design(CRD), with one factor ratio factor corn starch and green bean flour which consists of 3 levels of treatment were analyzed using Analysis Of Variance test (ANOVA) at the 95% confidence level or α=0,05 and followed by Tukey’s test.

Results: The results showed that the organoleptic test of parameters smell, taste and texture was not significant (p>0.05), that meaning the ratioof corn flour with green bean flour does not have a significant effect on the smell, taste and texture of the noodles corn green beans. As for the color parameters significantly (p <0.05), meaning that the ratio of corn flour and green bean flour has a significant effect on color green beans corn noodle.

Conclusion:Comparison of maize flour and green beans color significantly affected (p <0.05), while for the smell, the taste and the texture was not significant (p>0.05). Green bean corn noodle that the most preferred is treatment t3 with the most high composition of energy and protein.

Keywords : Corn Flour, Green Beans Flour, Green Beans Corn Noodles

Reny Sofiyatin (1), Yuli Laraeni (1), Reny Marcilia Friana (2)

(1Dosen Jurusan Gizi  Poltekkes Kemenkes Mataram Mataram,2Alumni Jurusan Gizi Mtr)


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